2014-2015 DTASC Calendar




August 23, 2014

Board Retreat


September 6, 2014 Fall Festival Mandatory Meeting
9am to 2pm New teachers meet at 8 a.m. Recognition Luncheon to follow meeting
St. Joseph High School, Lakewood CA
October 5, 2014 (Sunday) Fall Festival Organizational Meeting 2pm-5pm (12:30pm Hosts & Board) TBD
October 25, 2014 C Division Fall Festival

Temecula Valley High School, Temecula, CA
Host: Derek Heid

November 1, 2014 A/B Divisions Fall Festival

Royal Oak Middle School, Covina, CAHosts: Nicole Pinoche and Roger Graziani

January 10, 2015 Board Meeting TBD
January 24, 2015 Shakespeare Festival Mandatory Meeting
9am to 2pm
March 17, 2015 CA Youth in Theatre Day with special event the evening of 3/16 Sacramento, CA Contact: Gai Jones
March 28, 2015 Shakespeare Festival Organizational Meeting 9am to 1pm TBD
April 18, 2015 A/B/C Division Shakespeare Festival  
May 1, 2015 Senior Scholarship Application Deadline Emailed or postmarked by May 1
May 16, 2015 DTASC Scholarship Auditions TBD
May 30, 2015 Board Meeting 9am to 11:30 TBD
June 6, 2015 Business Meeting 9am to 2pm TBD

UPDATED 8/24/2014