2015-2016 DTASC Festivals

Spring 2016 Shakespeare Festival
0. Tech Theatre – Sets/Lights/Graphics (featured plays; Macbeth and The Tempest)
I. Tech Theatre – Court Costumes
II. Tech Theatre – Character Costumes (featured plays; Macbeth and The Tempest)
III. Audition Monlogue
IV. That Way Madness Lies – Straight Cut
          Detailed Rules and List of appropriate ideas for ‘Madness’
V. Shakespeare’s Musical – Music from any source, ‘lyrics’ from the text of the play
VI. Sibs From Another Crib – A scene with a strong same sex friendship.
VII. Large Group Dramatic – Macbeth
VIII. Large Group Comedic – The Tempest
IX. Shakespeare’s Lesser Plays
          List of Shakespeare’s “Lesser” Plays

Coaches: Download the Shakespeare Festival Master Cuttings Form
(to be turned in at the check-in table)

Detailed Rules for Shakespeare Festival Categories

April 16, 2016 – Varsity / Jr. Varsity (C and B Division) Festival
Carson High School

List of Winners from Varsity Festival
List of Winners from Junior Varsity Festival

Download the Varsity/JV Program Here

April 30, 2016 – Middle School (A Division) Festival
St. Joseph High School

List of Winners from Middle School Festival

Download the Middle School Festival Program Here

2016 DTASC Scholarship Recipients Congratulations to all of our DTASC Scholarship Recipients and to everyone who auditioned.
Mario Lomeli Scholarship: Nicole Kearby – Henry J. Kaiser High School
DTASC Tech Design Scholarship: Adrien Gibson – Henry J. Kaiser High School
DTASC Acting Scholarship Recipients:
Jonathan H. Lovo – North Hollywood High School (DTASC Acting Recipient)
Sanae Murray – Carson High School
Jayde Kief – CHAMPS Charter High School
Bryan Varela – Carson High School
Lavar Johnson – Carson High School

Fall – 2015 DTASC Festivals

October 24, 2015
Fall Varsity Festival (C Division)
      Los Angeles HS of the Arts
701 S. Catalina
        Los Angeles, 90039

List of Varsity Festival Winners

Detailed List of Varsity Results

November 7, 2015
Fall Jr. Varsity / Middle School Festival (B and A Divisions)
Woodrow Wilson Middle School
       1221 Monterey Rd.
       Glendale, 91206

List of Junior Varsity Winners
Detailed List of Junior Varsity Results
List of Middle School Winners
Detailed List of Middle School Results

Instructional Video to train your Room Chairs

DTASC Scholarship Recipients
A Celebration to the students listed below for auditioning and to their Theatre educators who supported them. The judges have chosen the following students as the 2015 DTASC Scholarship Recipients, based upon their auditions on May 16 at Carson High School

McKenna Zaccaria, Calabasas High School
Jackelin Gallegos, Ramon C. Cortines High School
Kate Takach, Ramon C. Cortines High School
Elijah Green, Ramon C. Cortines High School
Natalie Pesqueira, St. Joseph High School
Emily Hupp, Palos Verdes Peninsula High School

Elijah Green is also the recipient of the Mario Lomeli Scholarship.

Our 2014-2016 DTASC Board of Directors:
President Brian Bozanich
Exec. Vice President Seth Cohen
Div. C Vice President Chuck Kuhn
Div. A/B Vice President Marcia Barryte
Treasurer Lynn Lanning
Recording Secretary Jane Smith
Membership Secretary Susan Eiden
Div. C Registrar Scott Hunter
Div. A/B Registrar Barbara Zatarain
Historian Roger Graziani
Advocacy Coordinator Gai Jones
President Ex-Officio Bill Garrett
Web Manager Josh Brady

If you are reaching a DTASC Milestone year (10, 20, 25 years etc) please contact Brian Bozanich

SHAKESPEARE HIGH, The documentary centering on DTASC’s Shakespeare Festival is available on DVD through Amazon and Netflix!  Visit  shakespearehigh.org for more information.